Automatic Sliding Door Operators

MICOM automatic sliding door operators are the perfect door automation solution for your project. Utilised world-wide, our quality & reliability are proven

Telescopic Sliding Door Operators

NHN Tyro India’s automatic telescopic sliding door operators are specially designed for narrow entrances, providing a wider clear opening solution! Visit us today.

Curved Door Operators

NHN Tyro India’s curved automatic door operators offer full circle, semi circle & oval configurations. Providing that prestigious entrance finish. Call +91-22-60029000!

Swing Door Operators

NHN Tyro India automatic swing door operators provide assured barrier free access in all areas safeguarding children and those with limited mobility. Get one installed today

Door Accessories

NHN Tyro India offers a wide range automatic door accessories, perfectly suited to your door project. From the latest activation sensors to a full range of door profiles & floor guides.

Automatic Swinging Doors Can Benefit Your Business

One of the main concerns most business owners have is providing a high level of convenience and functionality for their customers. Among the most used parts of a commercial building are the doors. Installing an auto swing door is a great option for a number of reasons. Are you in the market for an automatic sliding door operator? If so, the team at NHN Tyro India is here to help. Learn how the installation of an automatic telescopic door can benefit you, your employees and your customers.

It’s All About Convenience

The last thing anyone wants is to have to wrestle with a large commercial door. Customers may avoid your building altogether if you don’t have automatic curved door operators. The professionals at NHN Tyro India are here to help you choose the right sensor sliding door mechanism and get it installed in no time. Providing your customers and employees with the functionality and appeal offered by swing door operators will make it well worth the money you invest.

Low Maintenance Is Music to a Business Owner’s Ears

With all of the components in a commercial building, keeping up with them all can be a chore. Implementing automatic door accessories is the best way to ensure your doors work properly every time they’re used. The openers used to automate the function of a door are durable and require little maintenance.

Are you tired of dealing with doors slamming loudly? Let NHN Tyro India help you solve this problem and many more with our automatic door operators.

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