Eagle 6

Eagle is an microwave motion detection sensor ideal for sliding or swing door applications, being either transom, wall or ceiling mounted.



Frameless Glass Fitting | NHN Tyro India

Frameless Glass Fitting | NHN Tyro India

Breakout – Full Glass 45mm Profile

Breakout full glass profiles are specifically designed to offer a robust breakout mechanism in case of a rush towards a door should any emergency occur.

Full Glass – 25mm Profile

Full Glass 25mm door profiles have been specifically designed to compliment any project. Installation is simple and efficient.

Floor Guides

For door profiles of all types, sizes and shapes. Available in a range of designs, sizes and widths.


VIO-D combines a motion radar sensor for opening the door with a double failsafe active infrared curtain for the protection of users, in accordance with the EN 16005 standard.


An infrared barrier consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. It can be easily integrated into most door profiles thanks to its small size.

Frameless Glass Clamp

An stylish frameless glass sliding door can be achieved when using MICOM frameless glass clamp, available in clear anodised or coloured high quality finishes.

SLIM – 20mm Profile

Designed to furnish your door project with an ultra slim finish. Simple and efficient, slim door profiles offer a thin profile look whilst maintaining strength and durability.


A very slim design fitting many different types of swing doors. Developed for increased safety on automatic swing doors using active infrared triangulation technology.

Selector Switch ( program Switch )

Manual and Key selector switches are easy to install and use. For use with EDM NII, GII & MD Series automatic sliding door operators.

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