Hydraulic Door Closer

NHN Tyro India are international manufacturer & supplier of a wide range of high quality door closers. We provide EN Standard & Hydraulic Door Closers. Know more.

Concealed Door Closer

NHN Tyro India offers the optimum solution for applications requiring concealed door controls. Excellent customer service.

Floor Spring For Glass Door

NHN Tyro India offers wide variety of floor springs. Reduce the strain of door opening. Easy to maintain. Visit us for more details.

Overhead Door Closer

Browse our huge range of overhead door closers, all of which are in stock and ready for delivery. Shop with confidence.

Flag Type Auto Hinge

NHN Tyro India frameless glass fitting is available in stainless steel finish for glass doors up to 90kg per leaf. Get yours now. To know more visit us!

Let NHN Tyro India Solve Your Commercial Door Related Issues!

Having a commercial building is a must for a growing business. If you have recently purchased a commercial property, you will need to complete an inspection to find out what things need to be altered. The doors of a commercial building are used many times a day. There are a number of ways to make these doors more functional like installing a door closer. Adding a concealed door closer will help you remedy a variety of problems.

No More Loud Banging Doors

Ensuring your work environment is quiet is important when attempting to increase productivity. Trying to be productive while doors are slamming shut every couple of minutes will be nearly impossible. By getting our hydraulic door closer mechanisms, you will be able to solve this problem once and for all. A sliding door closer will shut the doors in your workspace easily and quietly, which is why they are well worth the investment.

Keep Your Energy Bill Down

With all of the work required in a commercial building, sometimes things can slip your mind. Neglecting to close a door can lead to energy loss. This means the HVAC unit in your building will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. With an overhead door closer, you will not have to worry about doors being left open. Our team can install either a flag type auto hinge or a centre hung auto hinge to secure the doors in your building.

Instead of allowing your doors to create problems in your workspace, call on NHN Tyro India now to find out about our door closer selection.

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