NHN 3500 Series

NHN 3500 Series is a door closer of slim and modern design with adjustable closing force of EN3-7 conforming to EN1154 and CE mark. One body sizes will cover the full door range of requirements and applications.

Selection Chart

Door Width (mm) Door Weight (kg) NHN 3500 Series
Regular Hold Open Backcheck Slide Arm
3 950 60 3536 3536S 3536BC 3536GL
4 1100 80
5 1250 100
6 1400 120
7 1600 140 -


Model 3500 Series
Door Width (mm) Door Weight (kg) 3500-door-shoe_3 No. of Turns Direction Max.
3 950 60 3500-door-shoe_2 6 - 180
4 1100 80 3500-door-shoe_1 6 - 180
5 1250 100 3500-door-shoe_1 4 - 180
6 1400 120 3500-door-shoe_1 0 * 180
7 1600 140 3500-door-shoe_1 5 + 180


Closing Speed Adjustment


Spring Power Adjustment3500_img_1

  • Turn the ‘Power Adjuster Spring’ the required number of clockwise or anti-clockwise turns according to the door width as indicated. In adverse weather conditions, increase the number of turns as required.d.c-80v_latch


Latching Function (standard)d.c_80v_adjust_1

  • This function increases the door closing speed in the last 0 – 2deg. before the fully closed position, ensuring quick and complete door closure. This function is most useful with an airtight door or with a door with a tight latch.
  • The latch angle is factory set at 0deg., turn the link counterclockwise about 4 turns (this extends the link) and a latch angle of 2deg. is obtained.


Back-check Function (optional)d.c_80v_adjust_2

  • If a gust of wind or other strong force hits the door in the opening direction, it can damage the wall or cause injury to people.
  • The back-check function works within the door opening range 70 – 85 to 180deg. The back-check power can be adjusted with the back-check valve.

Standard Installation
This drawing shows right hand configuration (DIN L)3500_img_3


Top Jamb Installation
This drawing shows left hand configuration (DIN R)3500_img_4


Parallel Arm Installation
This drawing shows right hand configuration (DIN L)3500_img_5



Slide Arm Installation
This drawing shows right hand configuration (DIN L)3500_img_6

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