NHN 700

NHN700 is a medium duty floor spring with spindle and various options. For installation on internal and external doors up to 1250mm wide with a weight of 200kg max.

Using Cam action, NHN700 offers a range of benefits, such as closing and latch speed adjustments for a perfect closing action.

Back check which is ideal for high traffic doors as it offers resistance when the door is opened with excessive force, preventing damage.

Dual-handed for push or pull side mounting and Double door opening angle of 130°.

Variable closing force EN2-5

  • For doors up to 1250mm in width
  • 200kg max door weight
  • Closing and latch speed adjustment
  • Non handed dual action
  • Standard supply is without hold open (hold open available as option)
  • With a range of door fitting accessories available
  • Extended spindles up to 50mm available
  • EN Fire Tested
  • Back Check
  • Standard finishes in SSS or Polished brass
  • Guarantee – A free replacement ex-works if any closer proved to be defective by faulty manufacture or defect in materials.


Closing force - EN1154:1996+A1:2002/AC:2006 EN 2/3/4/5
Applicable Door
(Door Width / Door Weight)
< 850mm <70kg 702
<950mm <100kg 703 CE
<1100mm <150kg 704 CE
< 1250mm <200kg 705
Body dimensions (mm) Length 306
Width 108
Thickness 40
Arm Standard O
Offset arm O
O = Option






Complete speed control – the closing speed and the latch speed can be controlled via two independent values.



Fitting to a double action door


Accessories for double action aluminium and wooden doors



Closing force - EN1154:1996+A1:2002/AC:2006 EN2 to 5
Applicable Door
(Door Width / Door Weight)
< 850mm | < 70kg 702
< 950mm | < 105kg 703 CE
<1100mm | < 150kg 704 CE
<1250mm | <200kg 705
Body dimension (mm) Length 306
Height 108
Thickness 40
Arm Standard O
Offset arm O
Cam-action Y
Angle of Opening 130°
Closing Speed Adjustable Y
Latching Speed Adjustable Y
Hold-Open Without Hold Open Y
at 90° hold-open O
at 105° hold-open O
Back Check Adjustable at valve Y
Non-Handed Y
Extended Spindle +5, +7.5, +10, +15, +20, +25, +30, +40, +45, +50mm
Y = Yes | N = No | O = Option

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